The Best Fitness Apps to Track Your Fitness Journey

The Best Fitness Apps to Track Your Fitness Journey
29 Apr 2022
3 min read

These days, we can pick from countless fantastic apps that allow us to track our training, see how things are going, and adjust if necessary.

The problem with having countless options is that many people feel overwhelmed and are unsure which app to try. To that end, we’ve put together a list of the four best apps and what advantages you can get from each.

Let’s dive in.

Garmin lets you track activity, golf, swim, hike, cycle, run, even track and train dogs with innovative products made to keep up with your lifestyle.


Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness apps today, with countless options for users. Most notably, the app allows you to track fitness and health metrics, such as:

  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep duration
  • Workouts

The app also makes it easy to track your water intake, sleep habits, heart health, etc. Unlike many apps, Fitbit gives you a 7-day summary, which is an excellent way to track your health and fitness from week to week.

Of all the apps on our list today, Fitbit is the most balanced and works great for people interested in general fitness and good health. You can use the app to track numerous measures while going through one of our virtual challenges.


Fitbod, not to be confused with Fitbit, is a fitness app that allows you to put together effective workouts and log them with ease. Once you register for the app, it asks you general questions like:

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your fitness level?
  • What equipment do you have for training?
  • How long can you train?
  • When can you train?

Once you’ve done that, the app puts together a customized training plan that fits your goals and schedule. From there, you have to start doing your workouts as outlined and log them inside the app.

Fitbod makes it effortless to track your fitness progress because all of the data is available and a few taps away. The app even puts together graphs showing different metrics (strength, endurance, etc.) and how they change over time.


MyFitnessPal is a nutrition app designed to make it easy for users to track their food, calories, and macronutrients.

While some would suggest that simply eating healthy is enough, tracking your nutrition closely, even for a while, can be beneficial. Just as one would track finances to pay off debts and accumulate some savings, tracking your food can help you reach your goals and stop spinning your wheels.

You can select the foods you’re eating from their rich library and scan barcodes of different food items. The app calculates your calorie intake, along with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats).


Strong is a fantastic app for people who enjoy lifting weights. As soon as you visit their site, you’re presented with a simple message: Think less. Lift more.

Strong is remarkable precisely because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The app features a clean interface, free of the many bells and whistles that provide no real value and only confuse users. Instead, the workout area is stripped to its essentials:

  • Exercises
  • Target sets
  • Reps
  • Weight used

Once finished with the workout, you can mark it as complete and go about your day. The app stores all of your data, and you can see your progress with just a few taps.